What are video tutorials? Video tutorials give you a visual step by step presentation of how to perform common tasks found in your control panel.

Why use video Tutorials? Video tutorials will give you a chance to explore the power of the Cpanel control panel, while at the same time giving you specific directional instructions on how to perform specific functions.

Which theme do I use? You will see your theme type in the top left hand corner of your Cpanel. The following themes and how to view the tutorials are listed below.

X-Theme Video Tutorials

XNote: For X3-Theme Video Tutorils:
Login to your CPanel and select "video tutorials" under the prefrences box.

For X3-Theme use the following links:

Password protecting a directory
How to change your password
Managing a MySQL database in PHPMyAdmin
How to redirect URL
Keeping your contact information up to date
How to use webmail
How to add a FTP account
How to addon a domain
How to add subdomain
Creating an autoresponder

How to backup your site
Creating a default (catchall) email account
How to set up a cronjob
How to redirect e-mail
How to create a POP email account
How create custom error pages
Using File Manager
How to install and uninstall Frontpage extensions
Enabling Hotlink Protection
Using Index Manager
How to create a MySQL database
Setting up an e-mail account in Outlook Express
Disk Usage Viewer
How to Trace an Email Address
How to Setup an Email Filter
Submitting to Search Engines
Setting Up the IP Deny Manager
Navigating Around cPanel
Raw Log Manager

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